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Model DXPL3 series
Permanent Magnet Lifters

Model DXPL3 series Permanent Magnet Lifters

Principles: Model DXPL3 series Permanent Magnet Lifter has strong magnetic path by Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials. On and off of the magnetic path is controlled by the manual handle. DXPL3 permanent magnetic lifters mount magnet as power, lifting power will never weaken.

Application: In loading and unloading, the lifter can hoist iron/steel blocks, cylinders and others onto magnetic materials for linkage or connection. It is very convenient for application in loading, unloading, and moving. DXPL series permanent magnetic lifters are the most ideal lifting facility for factories, docks, warehouses and transportation.

Features:Lightly and ingeniously structured, easy for application, strong magnetic Attraction power and safe in handing.

Model Rated lifting strength Cylindrical lifting strength L B H R Operation temperature Weight
(kgf) (kgf) ( 0 C ) (kg)
DXPL3-30 30 105 148 25 158 780 <80 2



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