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Magnetic assembly

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General Description of Magnetic assembly

Magnetic assemblies provide up to thirty times the strength of individual magnets, making them useful in many industrial applications in the construction, engineering, automotive, electronic and agricultural industries, etc. Magnet assemblies are used for mounting, lifting, holding and transferring objects, such as pot magnet, magnetic channels, magnetic catchers, plates, wheels etc. In order to install magnet assemblies, make sure the demagnetizing field is parallel to the pole pieces. Also, be sure that at least half of the length of the holding assembly is outside the maximum demagnetizing field. To easily remove the part, mount the assemblies with their pole pieces parallel to the direction of release motion. In applications where gravity is a large part of the release mechanism, pole pieces are mounted parallel to the ground.

When selecting magnet assemblies, consider the environment in which the assembly will be used, like temperature. What is the holding force needed based on the size and weight of the parts involved and how will the assembly be secured, whether bolted, mounted, fastened or adhered? Also, consider the shape of the magnet desired (e.g. disc, ring, rectangle, etc.) and the size, including diameter, length, width and height. Knowing what variation in dimensions is allowed (tolerances) is important. Price and quantity are also considerations.



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