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ndfeb grip bi-polar magnets

ndfeb grip bi-polar magnetsThese high-power gripping magnets feature rare-earth Neodymium Iron Boron magnet material giving tremendous performance from their compact size. They are bi-polar, having both poles close together on the face of the magnet, which increases the gripping force. These magnets are ideal in situations where space is restricted or high holding power is required.

Applications of ndfeb grip bi-polar magnets:

Positioning jigs
Work holding fixtures
Catches and latches
Insert into jigs and fixtures for holding

Users of ndfeb grip bi-polar magnets:

Machine Shops


NdFeB Grip Bi-Polar Magnets
Cat # EDP # Diameter Height Thread Pull Pack Qty
in mm in mm lbs kg
S025NG 49500025 1/2 12.7 13/32 11.8 M5 4.5 2.0 10
S240NG 49500240 1 25.4 1 25.4 M6 33 15.0 5
Material ®C NdFeB magnets. Supplied with keepers. Max temp - 100°„ Celcius

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