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Horseshoe Magnets

Horseshoe MagnetsA range of three magnets including three rectancular and three "standard" horseshoe magnets. Horseshoe magnets have the north and south pole on the same plane and are especially handy where air gaps are present.

Applications of horseshoe magnets:

Inspection magnet
Holding stencils
Holding paint masks

Users of Horseshoe Magnets:

Machine Shops

pocket magnet

pocket magnet

No. type Pull(max) Width Height Thickness Weight
1 HSM-01-01 2.4kg 22.2mm 25.4mm 7.9mm 0.03kg
2 HSM-01-02 4.0kg 27.0mm 35.0mm 15.9mm 0.09kg

Power Magnet

Power Magnet

No. Type Width Length Height. Thickness Fixing hole Dia. Weight Pull(max)
1 HPM-01-01 30.0mm 20.0mm 20mm 7.5mm 4mm 0.06kg 4.5kg
2 HPM-01-02 40.0mm 25.0mm 25mm 10.0mm 5mm 0.12kg 9.0kg
3 HPM-01-03 45.0mm 30.0mm 30mm 11.0mm 5mm 0.18kg 11.8kg
4 HPM-01-04 57.0mm 40.5mm 35mm 14.6mm 7.9mm 0.37kg 23.5kg
5 HPM-01-05
70.0mm 57.2mm 41.3mm 17.95mm 7.9mm 0.71kg 37.0kg
6 HPM-01-06 79.4mm 85.7mm 54.0mm 15.90mm No hole 1.8kg 60.0kg


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